Gary Lawlor Presents Award to Civil Engineering Student at University of Limerick Presentation Day

In 2019, third year civil engineering students from the University of Limerick completed a thorough topograpical survey of the Punches Cross Student Village site as part of their Integrated Design Project. The next step for the students after the topograpical survey was to draw up their survey on AutoCAD before completing their final designs. Eamon McAuliffe lent his support to help the students with their preparations. Lawlor Burns & Associates supported this learning opportunity by providing access to the site and offered a €300 prize for the best site survey drawing.

Just before the Christmas holidays, all the civil engineering third year students presented their Integrated Design Projects. Peter Power of Arup awarded a generous prize to Quintet Consulting Engineers as they were unanimously adjudged to have given the best presentation. Our Managing Director, Gary Lawlor presented the top prize to Laura Willis who produced the best site survey drawing. PUNCH Consulting Engineers provided three judges for the awards.

Gary was very impressed with the high standard of all the student presentations on the project. Lawlor Burns & Associates would like to wish all the third year engineering students all the best with the remainder of their studies.

Planning permission for Punches Cross Student Village is expected to be relodged in quarter one of this year.