NUI Galway | Lawlor Burns & Associates

Centre for Performance and Arts, NUI Galway

ARCHITECTS: Richard Murphy, Taylor Architects
DESCRIPTION: This project orginates from the University’s growing ambition to provide teaching and facilities for music & drama and represents an ambitious proposal to give the department performance, rehearsal, seminar, workshop and administrative space.

The project proposes to create the centre within historic Victorian industrial buildings in the heart of the Galway campus. The internal planning of the building has been arranged so that the geography of the space is instantly grasped whichever of three entrances is used. The main facility, being the 120 seat auditorium sits as a “building inside a building” and takes for the form of a two storey high drum. The foyer space wraps around this. Workshop and toilets are designed to be used by both the new school and the existing adjacent Bank of Ireland Theatre. There is a small bar in the new foyer. Externally, the entire (local) stone structure is to be upgraded where necessary. A small area of terracing is formed outside to allow the bar to expand, particularly in the summer.

Toe be completed by 17th September 2016