Photo: Gary Lawlor of the Digit Group advising the UK Parliament on Smart Cities June, 2015.

Smart Building Consultancy | Lawlor Burns & Associates

Smart Building Consultancy – Our Beginning

In 2015, Lawlor Burns became a joint venture partner to provide Smart Building Consultancy to the digit group. Lawlor Burns are currently providing Project Management & Quantity Surveryors services to a number of international projects that have been secured by the digit group.

Gary Lawlor has been appointed as the Managing director of the digit group Europe and it is our intention to roll out the digit groups services in Ireland and the rest of Europe over the coming years.

The digit group: 

As our world rapidly emerges as large, urban environments, there are numerous challenges with integrating buildings and assets into the urban fabric of Smart City initiatives. The potential value is in the interconnection and interoperability of your data in the context of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, all powered by 3D real time environment technologies. The digit group is the recognised world leader of implemented Smart Cities. Contact us so we can assist you in discovering the value of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities and provide you with smart building consultancy best practices, lessons learned and a framework strategy for your organisation. Our Smart Cities smart building consultancy services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Master Designer Smart Cities (buildings, streetscapes, transportation, sustainable projects/programs)
  • Master Builder Smart Cities (complete turnkey building service, zero defects, 20% under budget. installed in 1/3 the time).
  • Smart City Assessment Services
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Planning :: Sourcing :: Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability Index
  • Prioritization Protocols
  • Urban Infrastructure Lifecycle Planning
  • Safety & Security Governance
  • Citizen Engagement Programs
  • Smart City Operations Center Planning :: Sourcing :

 AEC/FM Innovation

Innovation is at the core of the digit group. Having a deep knowledge of how work gets done throughout the global industry provides the digit group with the authority to explore, design and implement alternative futures. The digit group performs a role as an incubator for innovative tools and solutions for the AEC/FM industry, allowing innovation to grow and thrive on real wold projects. Our passion to assist in designing and building a better built environment drives us to develop solutions for our customers that delight and work. By bringing the future forward to today, we ask not just why, but why not…


Orbi® is a browser-based, 3D real time environment that enables you to communicate, coordinate and collaborate in an easy to use, engaging and affordable experience. Orbi is the flagship technology of the digit group that drives the creation and innovation of solutions in the form of 3D Apps for your projects, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. Orbi leverages the power of Big Data, Internet of Things sensor data and streamed Infinite Data to empower you to control your information to make better informed decisions.

Orbi is also our 3D software development platform. Orbi creates 3D real time environments where custom Apps are developed to provide world class solutions for Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and Smart Life challenges. the digit group has over 70 cities from around the world 3D modelled in a real time environment for your immediate use. We can also import or model your building, project or city in a timely manner, providing the platform for custom features and functions to be implemented. The power and flexibility of communicating in 3D are key values when you use of Orbi. Let us set up a demo for you to experience the next generation of technology in our industry.


The BIMcompany (the digit group Company) provides the world’s best and most comprehensive BIM services from one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The BIM Company provides you with a world class smart building consultancy service that saves you time and money while increasing value for your infrastructure and buildings.

The BIM Company has a long and deep pedigree of Building Information Modelling (BIM):

  • Founding Team Members of Revit, Autodesk’s number one BIM software in the world
  • Leadership from the largest CAD/BIM Outsourced Company in the world
  • Award Winning Licensed Architects
  • World renowned BIM Experts
  • Founding Team Members of the United States National BIM Standard
  • Experience of Thousands of BIM projects since 2006

We wrote the software and processes for BIM and have the best and most unique perspective on how to optimise the use of BIM. This behind the scenes knowledge gives you tremendous opportunities to make and save time and money in ways not provided by our competition. We also literally wrote the book on BIM Standards, having contributed sections to the National BIM Standards of the United States. theBIMcompany leadership has over 500 collective years of experience, successfully working on some of the largest and most iconic projects in the world.

By focusing its services on Data, theBIMcompany leverages the power of Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things that move well beyond the limits of other existing BIM service providers, providing you with superior support, production and an enormous strategic advantage in the marketplace for your buildings, infrastructure and built environment assets. Our existing customers see our highly competitive rates not as a cost, but as an investment, as the value of theBIMcompany extends well beyond traditional construction documentation. We act as your Data Escrow Agency, providing long term insurance for your project’s Digital DNA.   In addition, we do not use BIM as an electronic pencil, but as part of a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process, providing you with a highly valuable digital asset.

The BIM Company Benefits

  • Save Money: The BIM Company costs you up to 60% less compared to having an in-house BIM Department
  • It’s Profitable: The BIM Company provides you with less operational costs, increasing your profit margins
  • Superior Quality: The core competency of The BIM Company assures high quality digital assets
  • Additional Resources: The BIM Company is an extended arm of your organization
  • Consistency: Having authored sections of the National BIM Standard for the United States, The BIM Company’s consistency is world renowned
  • Competitive Advantage: Cost and time advantage assures early market introduction and superior quality at low cost
  • No Training Cost: The BIM Company is fully responsible for recruiting and training experts for our BIM services to you
  • The World’s Best IT Infrastructure and Tools: The BIM Company prides itself on using only the best IT tools and services to exceed the expectations of our customers